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World's first 'BPA FREE' Skin Cleansing Brush that guards against 99.9% of bacteria! Our improved features effectively remove dirt and buildup with two adjustable speeds to remove makeup, debris, and dead skin at the pressure you prefer. Invigorating in the morning, and relaxing at night—the five changing heads can be easily customized to suit needs and change of season. Remove acne, blackheads, and so much more. Anything from a gentle soothing cleanse to a vigorous deep-cleansing! 


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Eco™ Cleansing Brush is perfect for…

Clearing Acne

Eco™ cleansing brush is a MUST for acne & unwanted bumps. Our Brush strips away dead skin cells, makeup, dirt and oil 7x better than hands alone.

Makeup Removal

Ultra-Sonic brush heads move at 18,000 micro-movements per minute. Swift movement allows for gentle effective cleansing & exfoliation of surface debris and deep pore cleansing. Our brush heads allow you to cleanse hard to reach places like the T-zone area. 

Vibrant Massaging

Equipped with a built in massager to relax tense facial muscles as well as massage the bones. Studies show that massage brushes can slow down aging if used just as little as once a week!

Deep Tissue Exfoliation

Fall in love with a fresh, radiant, and healthy-looking complexion with our dermatologist recommended and multi-patented facial cleansing brush. Suitable for all skin types and all skin tones.


All The Features You Need,

At A Fraction Of The Price

Multi-Purpose Use

The patented motor design is one-of-a-kind technology that allows you to thoroughly rid your pores of damaging impurities while prepping your skin for the next skincare steps.

Versatile From Any Brush!

Safe, effective and long lasting! Coated with Waterproof screening for shower sessions. Equipped with 360 degree rotation so all desired skin areas are covered. Built with two steady-speed settings for optimal results. Brush is battery powered, no cheap chargers needed!

How can a facial cleansing brush that costs $40 be every bit as good as one that sells for $100 or more?


How do you clean the brushes?

 Wash it thoroughly with warm water and then brush it throughly with your hand.

Is this good for dry skin?

Cleansing is very important for all skin types and this brush helps to do just that. If you are worried about overdrying, our advice is to use a cream cleanser with this brush for 30-45 seconds. 

Do I need batteries?

Yes, two double A.

Where is this made?

Our USA Factory

Can I use it directly without removing makeup?

Yes, of course!

What kind of skin is this cleansing brush suitable for?

Our brush is suitable for all skin types!

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